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A Proven & Easy to deploy LIMS for COVID Testing Laboratories.

From leading Global Laboratory Informatics Solution Providers experienced on Multiple Industrial, Health and Regulatory Laboratory Verticals.

  • Integrated Workflow
  • Test Requisition to Test Reporting
  • Deployment within 2 weeks
  • Evaluate , Convince & Deploy
  • Implement within 7 days
  • Revenue Accounting Included

Patient Portal

Patient Data Management including Clinical history, Demographics, Consents, Travel History, Medical History, Pre and Existing Medical History and Personal Information, Guarantor Information, Insurance Service Provider Information, Corporate Employee Information etc are maintained in the Portal with confidential Data restriction facilities.

Physician Portal

Physicians and Clinics are registered on Physician’s Portal to ensure that each Physician is give authority to issue guidelines and arrange to submit Test Request Form on behalf of the Patient for immediate collection of Samples or schedule Sample collection as per the patients convenience and location.

Each Physician is allocated with Passwords and other protective mechanisms to ensure that the samples are submitted and Test Reports are obtained from the Service Provider Laboratories through the Portal without any delay.

Regulator Portal

Regulators are normally Health authorities and other Community disease control authorities Local, Municipal and Local body Administrators and authorities monitoring local health issues.

Samplers Portal

Samplers are the field warriors to collect the information on Patient, their location and physically collects Samples at the designated location or from Home and ensure the samples are properly collected, labeled and forwarded to the Lab.

Samplers Portal enable Samplers to get the point of collection, storage and dispatch of samples.

Portal enables the samplers to register their information and proceed for collection and Despatch as per their role and timings.

COVID Testing Laboratory Process